Free Virtual Workouts for Breast Cancer Survivors

04/01/2021 - 12/31/2022




Rise Above all that cancer tries to take away from you and join our certified Cancer Exercise Specialist for a safe, effective and fun workout! 

Workouts will be scheduled weekly VIA Zoom, Facebook Live, and/or other virtual training platforms.

We will notify all registrants ahead of workouts and inform you of any meeting information needed!

Exercise is a crucial component before, during and after treatment that gives patients a sense of mastery and empowerment over their physical body, enhancing their resilience and ability to cope after diagnosis, leaving them feeling stronger mentally, emotionally and physically!

Studies have consistently shown evidence of the MANY benefits that exercise offers breast cancer survivors including improved quality of life, cancer related fatigue, physical functioning, body weight and composition, muscular strength and endurance, immune function and cardiovascular fitness. Studies also show that exercise may also alleviate symptoms that interfere with daily life such as:

decreased energy • lack of appetite • paresthesia (feeling of pins and needles) • physical and mental fatigue • insomnia • muscle pain • bone pain • depression • anxiety • and more

These workouts are FREE -- no strings attached! If you feel led to make a donation to Rise Above (a program that supports breast cancer patients, survivors and caregivers through their cancer journey and beyond with fitness, encouragement and resources) please feel free, but not obligated! 


About Your Trainer:

Lisa Reale Munn

B.S Exercise and Sports Science

Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

Certifed Personal Trainer

Certified ISSA Nutritionist

Breast Cancer Survivor